What ever happened to kids being able to go outside and just play with whatever they have? Whether it was a toy or game or just to play “pretend.” Most kids nowadays are just exposed and addicted to screens on their iPads or phones. I can’t blame them, it’s what they’re growing up with now. As you move on forward to middle school you know that you leave behind your playground and toys in elementary school because they’re “childish.” Growing up shouldn’t mean that you should get rid of the things that brought you so much because you’re too old for it. In middle school we had sports and other activities that made you dress up and wear a uniform for that. I don’t think I would count that as a freeing activity because having a strict teacher to yell at you to participate and play better isn’t so relaxing or fun to most people. When I was in elementary school we had playgrounds and other activities to get us outside, I used to be looking forward to go outside because of these. Although in middle school and high school those things are taken away and we’re left with not a lot of things or sports to do. While I was reading through other posts about play made by my classmates, one of them caught my eye because it said, “I learned that it’s great to just enjoy something we did as a child again, to play with others.” (Brianna Nguyen) I believe what she said was so true because there is such a long stretch in between elementary school and high school where you don’t really get to just play and have fun like you would when you were younger. During that time you might just play sports for school but nothing is going to compare to what you did during elementary school. Most of us would forget how much fun we had outside when we did play outside. I think that its important that more teachers and schools should participate in Global School Play Day. I mean what is the harm of letting students go outside with a ball and board games and just have fun outside. ? It’s only for a day and one day would not affect their way of learning what so ever. Maybe some teachers don’t know that Global School Play Day even exists, or maybe other teachers know about it because they’re lazy to participate in it. Before high school and middle school my friends and I always looked forward to go school because we knew that 30 minute break meant that we would have that time to ourselves and we’d get to go outside to play or talk to one another. I visited my old elementary school about a year ago and I was surprised to see that they got rid of one of the three breaks that the students get because they should be inside learning more. I pitied them I know that all those kids just want to go outside and have fun but the school system got rid of their recess.

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